At KGS Tools Inc., we pride ourselves in the capability of providing our customers unique solutions to site specific problems. We can provide in depth services and solutions through research of historical data that we compile on a regular basis.

​​We supply a wide range of products to the Oil & Gas Energy sector. Products include rock drilling bits and tools for the Surface, Build Section, Directional and Lateral aspect of the well bore construction.

We also provide products to the Oil & Gas well production servicing, re-entry and workover sector by providing reliable and cost effective solutions. KGS Tools Inc. provides the following products, but not limited to, Tri-cone steel tooth and Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) and PDC fixed cutter bits, bit sub reamers, as well as certain specialty downhole tooling.

KGS Tools provides both Steel body & Matrix body PDC fixed cutter rock drilling bits. We can provide different degree camphor, substrate styles and makes of cutters to adapt to different formations and geologic conditions.